About Me

“Where words fail, music speaks.”  Hans Christian Andersen

Music has been a passion of mine since I was 6 years old when I first started piano lessons. It is part of who I am, and influences everything I do.  I didn’t stop at piano – I started voice and flute lessons soon after, and love them all.  I continued my music studies at McGill University in flute – but due to unforeseen circumstances (dental surgery which made ½ my lip go numb!  Egad!) I side-stepped temporarily and studied voice and discovered my love for choral conducting, eventually still completing my degree in flute.

Through the years I’ve done many things – from teaching privately, to doing workshops and classes in most of the English public and private schools in Montreal, to founding and directing my own musical theatre day camp.  I have experience with all ages and levels, from beginner to advanced, ages 4 – 70 (something).  The constant thread throughout is a love of music, but particularly a passion for the voice – choral singing, small ensembles, and solo.

There is something that I find deeply touching when the human voice comes together in song.  I had an experience while singing in the chorus of the Messiah with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra that I will never forget.  Each night, in one particular section with just the female chorus singing, I was completely immobilized by the beauty of the sound.  My entire body pulsed, literally filled with the sound – I could barely mouth the words.  And that was just one of countless experiences.

Music is something that transforms; it touches us on a profoundly deep level.

My hope is that through sharing my love of music, others can experience the joy it gives.  I’m currently offering flute lessons, piano lessons and voice lessons.  I’m also directing a small chamber choir – all ages and levels are welcome!